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Notable Features and Public Speaking Engagements

Business Strategist, Ads Specialist, Growth Marketer…

My name is Giedre Sara Franz (but most people call me Gigi) and I wear many hats. 

What I do can be hard to explain but it starts with this — I help people solve business challenges.

My speciality is that I don’t have a speciality: I have 15+ years expertise in marketing and business, along with a broad and in-depth knowledge of many areas.

I have insider knowledge that I can’t even reveal, like how the algorithm behind Meta works, but I’ll always – or as much as possible – use every trick and “hack” I know to get clients the best results for their business.

Let’s be honest, because I’ve been doing this for so long, you probably know someone who knows someone who’s worked with me.

Every business has challenges
do you know how to solve yours?

I speak to countless entrepreneurs and online business owners who are struggling with business challenges from scaling sustainably, to utilizing tech and AI, to protecting digital creations. 

I hear – and solve – business challenges like these all the time:

The secret to solving these business challenges doesn’t lie in manifestation, or spending thousands of dollars on a business coach who doesn’t give you practical actions to implement. Nor is it about trial-and-error and seeing what works…

Your business is already communicating with you . . .

. . .you just need to know how to listen

The solution lies in the secret language your business is communicating with you — data.

Every business communicates with us through data, and when you understand that language, the possibilities for your business success, growth and challenge-solving are endless. 

Some call it practical, business numerology, but (contrary to what’s in this AI-enhanced photo) there’s no magic here — it’s all data.

I specialize in interpreting the language your business is speaking to help you solve business challenges, build solid foundations, and achieve all of your business goals.


If you can define your vision of a successful business,
I can help you make it a reality.

I engineer practical business solutions for action-takers

I do what a good business coach should do, without all the fluff which in practical-terms looks like this:

I start with thorough business analysis to figure out what isn’t working, and then architect practical, data-driven solutions that actually create results for you and your business.

Areas of Expertise

Personalized Business Strategy
  • Strategic solutions to solve business challenges based on a holistic view of looking at data;
  • Offer creation, packaging, and pricing;
  • Value ladder creation and optimization;
  • Show you how to become a data-driven decision maker, without any technical knowledge.
Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn Ads
  • Engineering ads strategies so that your entire business ecosystem supports your paid ads goals and sees you achieving high ROI with every single ads campaign;
  • Content strategy to complement paid ads campaigns.
Protection of Your Digital Creations
  • I help you organize and protect your digital assets with the appropriate safety mechanisms;
  • Safe and secure social media accounts setup;
  • Website protection;
  • Cybersecurity strategy to make your business hacker-proof.
Funnel Strategy and Optimization
  • Funnel strategy and audits;
  • Conversion rate optimization.
Testing, Tech, and AI
  • Testing, optimizing and automating business workflows so your business works for you, even during a busy launch or period when you’re not having to show up 24/7;
  • Seamlessly incorporating Artificial Intelligence into your business, maximizing your productivity without the steep learning curve;
  • Setting up time-saving and effective tools and systems that work for you.

This is Excellent Strategy for your Digital World

Call me the digital version of ghostbusters, your go-to geek, or the person who should hire when you think you need a business coach so long as you call me 😉

“But I’m not techy!” I hear you exclaim.

And you don’t need to be — that’s why I’m here.

I created an email list packed with tips for non-techy business owners exactly like you where I share my insider expertise on all things Marketing, Digital Security, Artificial Intelligence and everything you need to know to build solid foundations in your business and scale sustainably.

My No name-dropping policy

Most businesses have no problems name dropping their clients to land new clients. You might have figured out by now that I’m not like other business owners. I’ve had the privilege to work with great people precisely because I don’t name drop.

And no, I’m not a slick corporate spy!

If you want to get real-life testimony about the results you can see from working with me, I’ll provide you with details of my real clients that you can speak to over the phone.

Business Insights

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I am improving the world one email at a time. Want to get on the list to receive my Geeky Notes?